Happy Easter, friends! I’ve been staying at my parents beach house this weekend which means I’ve had a lot of time to relax. It feels really good to spend time exercising, going on hikes with my dog, and doing things that I love to do like reading and blogging.

This weekend I’ve been listening to The Pact on my Audible app. It’s a best friends to lovers romance by one of my contemporary romance authors, Karina Halle. She recently had a new book release called My Life in Shambles and while I really really want to read that, I figured I should probably read The Pact first since that’s been sitting idle on my app for a while.

We meet characters Stephanie, Linden, and James while they’re in their mid twenties. Stephanie met the guys a few years ago when she started working at the same bar as them, which James now owns. Stephanie and James have since broken up but the three all remain very good friends as they’ve grown up and found other careers (James a small business owner, Stephanie works at a clothing store while dreaming of opening her own shop someday, and Linden a helicopter pilot).

Right off the bat I realized that this isn’t a typical best friends to lovers romance, because the heat between Steph and Linden was VERY apparent. It’s not like the two of them were unaware that they liked each other. I think they were both very aware of their feelings but both of them doubted that the other felt the same, so they denied it.

While sitting at the bar one day while James is closing down for the night, Linden presents an idea to Stephanie. He suggests that if both of them are still single at thirty, that the two of them get married. Stephanie is obviously astonished. Settling down and getting married is not something that seems natural for a cocky guy like Linden. But she agrees, and the pact is made.

What I really enjoyed about this story is the storytelling. The first few chapters are told in both of their viewpoints as the years pass on. We learn about both Steph and Linden’s birthdays over the year, and how they go through different relationships on their way to thirty. Even though we don’t know everything that goes on between twenty-five and thirty, I really felt like I was getting to know the characters and learning about why their friendship means so much to them.

As I write this blog post, I’m not quite at the end of The Pact yet. Which is good. I don’t want to tell you any spoilers because if you’re the kind of reader who enjoys contemporary romances with quite a bit of drama, this is definitely a book you should pick up.

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