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Month: February 2019

My Dream Office

It’s getting to be the end of the month which means that settlement on my house is soon. I’m excited to move into my new home and explore my new town, but the part that I’m most excited for is creating an awesome home office for myself! I’m waiting until after I move in to […]

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10 of my Wildest Dreams (for my Writing Career)

It’s almost the end of February and I’m still feeling motivated and inspired by the new year. I’ve been reading books on craft and listening to countless episodes of The Creative Penn (my favorite indie publishing podcast). I’ve been making lists of blog posts I want to write and projects I want to create. I’m feeling pretty […]

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February 2019 Update: Life + Writing

Good morning, friends! It’s Super Bowl Sunday & I’ve had an exciting day so far. Earlier today there was a cute dog running through our backyard. I recognized him from a few houses down so I borrowed my dog’s leash and put it on him. Then I walked him back down to his house and […]

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